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Improving the health of the population in Romania by increasing TB control

Project financed by the Norwegian Grants 2009 - 2014, within the RO 19 - Public Health Initiative.

Rapid testing of patients for Multidrug Resistant and Extensive Resistant Tuberculosis

During October, 1368 more patients with tuberculosis from all over the country have been tested in the newly equipped – with modern testing equipment and supplies – laboratories of the NTP network as follows: NRL Bucharest NRL Cluj, laboratories TB in Bacau, Brasov, Constanta, Craiova, Sibiu and Timisoara. Out of the total tested patients, 15 were diagnosed with resistant tuberculosis among which, 5 with multidrug resistance.
The centralized data for the period March-October 2015 show that 6597 patients were screened for free within the project. 514 were detected with resistances, out of which 194 with MDR TB and 4 with XDR TB.

Continue the work for the development of a functional laboratory network for early detection of MDR/XDR TB

In October, the contract was signed with the winner of the procurement procedure for the 8 GeneXpert equipment and the laboratories to be provided with such equipment have been nominated.
Also, the opening of bids for the procurement of 44 laboratory safety cabinets was made. The offers will be assessed and the supplier will be established.
To purchase the 10 LED microscopes for laboratories, the legal process for the selection of the supplier is in the stage of technical evaluation of bids; the winning company will be selected.
The legal procedure for selecting the supplier of vehicles was completed. The purchase contract was signed for 9 cars needed to transport laboratory samples from the country to the laboratories equipped within the project, and in October the vehicles were received. TB laboratories were designated to benefit from the the cars for transport of samples and also bailment contracts were developed in order to be signed with the hospitals in which the laboratories operates. The procedures for vehicles’ registration also started.
It was also concluded the acquisition procedure for 3 Versatrek equipment, and contract will be signed with the successful supplier. For related supplies, the deadline for opening the submitted tenders is November 12.
Regarding the IT equipment, the term for opening the submitted tenders is November 27.
Also in October, the UV lamps procurement procedure was monitored as the procedure undergoing.

Increase the number of patients enrolled in correct, complete and quality treatment and of those who receive incentives for maintaining adherence to treatment

In October there were enrolled 30 more MDR TB patients for correct, complete and quality treatment, and in total, since the beginning of the project, 289 patients with multidrug resistant tuberculosis have been enrolled.
Also in October, out of the total of 1779 patients considered eligible to be enrolled in the project to receive incentives, 584 patients had signed consent forms until 10 September. In addition, during September 11 to October 30, a total of 20 new patients were sent consent forms. Overall 600 patients are enrolled in the project to receive incentives in order to maintain adherence to treatment.
In order to improve the coordination of the work, the project team organized between October 31 – November 1, the second National Meeting of MDR TB coordinators, attended by 34 doctors from Bucharest and the country. The meeting agenda included presentation of project results after 6 months of implementation and participative working sessions focused on the analysis of the project results obtained in different.

Improve the Capacity of the National Programme for Prevention, Surveillance and Control of Tuberculosis to control the TB epidemic

In October, six training courses were organized for medical staff in the PNPSCT as follows: October 9-11 in Alexandria, Brasov and Craiova, 22-24 October in Ramnicu Valcea, 23-25 October in Iasi and 28-30 October in Bucharest. The courses were attended by a total of 134 participants. So far 423 people have been trained.

Also in October:
A technical assistance contract was signed between the World Health Organization and the Pulmonology Institute Marius Nasta and related funds were transferred for the first contractual phase. The discussions started with the WHO for programming the technical assistance missions, which will start next year.
Preparations were made for the next training that will be held in Sinaia, during 18-21 November 2015, the training will target the staff who will be involved in communication activities in order to prevent the spread of TB at community level.

Expenditures for the period 1 to 31 October 2015 are shown in the table below