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Improving the health of the population in Romania by increasing TB control

Project financed by the Norwegian Grants 2009 - 2014, within the RO 19 - Public Health Initiative.

6628 patients were screened from March until the end of August through modern methods of detecting TB bacillus drug resistance

Testing TB patients for detecting TB bacillus drug resistance continued during August. The laboratories in the PNPSCT network provided with modern equipment and appropriate supplies (NRL Bucharest NRL Cluj, TB laboratories from Bacau, Brasov, Constanta, Craiova, Sibiu and Timisoara) receive evidence from TB units across the country, in order to ensure patients access to rapid diagnosis techniques.
1103 new patients were tested only in August 2015. 39 of them were found with resistant TB, and 15 of whom were diagnosed with Multidrug resistant TB.
The project pooled data show that in March (when they started testing) by the end of August, 6628 patients across the country were tested with modern equipment. 434 patients were found with resistances and 171 of whom were diagnosed with MDR TB.

Medicines for correct, complete and quality treatment for all patients with MDR TB

In August, another 26 patients with MDR TB were enrolled to receive correct, complete and quality drug treatment, and in total, from the beginning of the project, 208 MDR TB patients were enrolled. Also in August, the project team has centralized state enrollment in treatment of patients in Bucharest and in each county. After this update, the Marius Nasta Institute, as promoter of the project, sent a letter to inform the MDR coordinators, announce the first monitoring visits to be carried out by MDR experts focused on case management of TB MDR / XDR and accelerate the enrollment of eligible patients to receive treatment for tuberculosis.
By the end of August, the MDR coordinators continued to send, to the project team, databases updated with patients diagnosed with resistant and extremely resistant to treatment tuberculosis and recorded in the period May to July 2015.

Incentives for outpatients treated TB patients in order to increase adherence to treatment

In August, form the total of 1740 patients considered eligible to be enrolled in the project, 487 patients sent (by the 10’th of July) signed consent records. In addition, during July 11 – August 31, 1 of 62 new patients were sent sheets consent. Overall, 549 patients were enrolled by the end of August 2015 (36.6% of the 1,500 planned for the entire implementation period). For patients eligible to receive social support for treatment adherence as medically administered throughout July, the project team has centralized the following information:
– 441 patients received single social support so far in the project to maintain adherence to treatment,
– Cumulatively in the period May to August, vouchers were distributed to a total of 1,193 patients (172 in May, 249 in June, 359 in July and 413 in August). Of the 172 patients who received support in May, more than 87% and 151 patients received vouchers for maintaining adherence in the 4 months mentioned.

Equipment for TB laboratories and TB units in the country

A contract was signed for the acquisition of 8 GeneXpert equipment and the procurement procedures for work kits were initiated with GDF mechanism.
For the acquisition of 3 Versatrek equipment and necessary supplies documents required have been completed the process for selecting the supplier, and the acquisition will be officially launched on specialized sites.
Legal procurement procedures were launched for the purchase of 44 protective hoods for laboratories (date set for the opening of tenders is 16 October 2015) and 10 LED microscopes for laboratories.
It was completed the legal procedure and signed the purchase contract for nine vehicles who will ensure the transport of samples from TB units in the country to laboratories with modern equipment diagnostics.
And last but not least, for the purchase of IT equipment provided there were completed: the technical specifications, the requirement reports and the lists of the TB units to be equipped (the criteria for selecting the units PNF, the lists of units to be first appointed, the PNPSCT management decision).

Also during August activities were conducted to organize the second training of trainers in health communication (participant’s identification, location identification).

Expenditures for the period 1 to 31 August 2015 are shown in the table below: