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Improving the health of the population in Romania by increasing TB control

Project financed by the Norwegian Grants 2009 - 2014, within the RO 19 - Public Health Initiative.

Ensuring the correct, complete and quality treatment for 1000 patients with multidrug resistant and extensively resistant tuberculosis (MDR / XDR TB)

By the end of June, a total of 562 patients were enrolled in a complete, accurate and continuous treatment in the project. This month, the evaluation of MDR TB cases continued and recommendations were made in order to submit cases to the MDR TB commission for patients enrollment in treatment.

Providing integrated interventions to prevent transmission of TB in poor communities and to increase treatment adherence

It was carried out a monitoring visit (10th of June, 2016) to the information-education-communication (IEC) session held in Rasvani village, Calarasi county.
In June, 30 caravans were organized as follows: 2 in Calarasi county, 6 in Neamt, 5 in Giurgiu 12 in Gorj and 5 in Dolj county. These sessions were attended by a total of 1,667 people, of which 438 Roma. So far, 7,146 people have been informed, of which 933 Roma. For the July to September 2016 period, 10 IEC caravans have been scheduled, in addition to those previously planned for this period: 4 in Dolj county, 4 in Giurgiu and 2 in Neamt.

190 gift vouchers, totaling 1,900 lei, were distributed to nurses and community health workers, who organized caravans IEC in May 2016. A total of 495 unique patients have been enrolled so far to receive directly observed treatment (DOT), of which 50 Roma patients.
By the end of June 2016, 6,374 patients were distributed food coupons worth 63,740 lei and other 346 food coupons worth 3.460 lei were about to be distributed.

Also, a total of 5485 gift vouchers worth all of 54 850 lei have been distributed to the DOT supporters who monitored patients in the 6 counties during January-May 2016 period.

Establishing a network of functional laboratories for early detection of MDR / XDR TB

The centralized data corresponding to the activity of TB rapid testing performed in laboratories in the project in June 2016 show that among those tested, 654 patients were diagnosed with sensitive TB, 50 with MDR TB and2 with XDR TB.
In total, following rapid testing activities undertaken within the project (March 2015 – June 2016), a total of 7,578 patients were diagnosed with TB, 632 with MDR TB and 61 with XDR TB.

For the period of extension of the project (April 1st, 2016 – March 31st, 2017) the purchase of other 2 GeneXpert and 1 MGIT equipment, together with 6 centrifuges is planned. This month the specifications were developed.
Also, to ensure continuity of the rapid testing activity in TB laboratories, 2,896 LPA tests and 5,600 MGIT tests will be purchased. The specifications were developed this month.

Ensuring directly observed treatment and incentives for patients with TB outpatients treated in order to increase adherence to treatment
In June, a total of 821 patients met the eligibility requirements to receive food coupons to increase adherence to treatment, of which 134 patients have completed the treatment or are declared cured, while over 200 patients are enrolled and they get support within the project for approximately one year.

Other activities carried out in June 2016

Three training sessions on TB infection control were organized this month.
A brochure for patients was completed, the team worked to prepare communication training in July 2016 and made preparations to organize the peer-supporters volunteer network.