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Improving the health of the population in Romania by increasing TB control

Project financed by the Norwegian Grants 2009 - 2014, within the RO 19 - Public Health Initiative.

Increase of the NPTPSC network capacity for TB control
Objective: ensuring the quality, effective, cost-efficient and evidence based management.
– Ensuring the procurement management
– Ensuring the financial management on interventions, activities and partners
– Ensuring risk analysis and the implementation of avoidance, counteracting and diminishing the risk
– Ensuring the programatic management, including M&E visits
– Ensuring monthly and periodical reportings
– Ensuring the sustainability of the protect through lobby and advocacy activities, in order to integrate and take forward the project’s activities and ensuring their funding from governmental resources

Measuring the project’s impact, as well as the aggregation of the information gathered in TB control from different funding sources, in order to avoid the duplication of the met targets
Increase the capacity of the Technical Assistance and Management Unit (TAMU) of NTPSCP
Objective: ensuring quality, effective, cost-efficient and evidence based management, through the training of the TAMU team
– 4 training sessions in the area of medicines procurement from the Global Drug Facility of the WHO/StopTB partnership and the management of the distribution chain, financial management, monitoring, evaluation and reporting to the TAMU
– Monthly meetings to analyse and plan the project activities
– Operational support for the TAMU team available

Updating the national electronic system for the TB data collection
Objective: updating the national electronic system for the TB data collection
– 100% of the national data base is updated
– Additionally to ensuring the activity sustainability were foreseen also maintenance activities for the national data collection system, as well as the development of a e-learning platform which contains training modules for the network (sustainability ensured also for WP 4)

Increase of the NTPSCP network capacity for TB control
Objective: increase the capacity of the National Tuberculosis Prevention, Surveillance and Control Programme (NTPSCP) network at national level in the area of TB and MDR TB case management as major step in gaining optimal control of the MDR TB threat.
– 687 doctor and nurses working the NTPSCPnetwork were trained in the management of TB and MDR TB case

Capacity consolidation for early diagnostic of the MDR TV cases and improvement of detection with quality methods. Establishment of a functional laboratory network for the early detection of MDR/XDR TB.
Objective: Implementation of the diagnostic techniques in Romania in order to ensure the access to rapid diagnostic methods, with positive impact on the success rate of the treatment and ensuring the decrease of the transmission pool.
– 52 936 persons benefitted of rapid testing for TB, MDR TB and XDR TB, out of which 12 233 were diagnosed with TB, respectively 1 043 at least with R resistance (950 with MDR TB, 148 pre-XDR and 45 with XDR TB)
– 10 regional laboratory and national reference laboratories are operation for the rapid diagnostic of TB/MDR-TB/XDR-TB. Additionally, 10 county laboratories are functional for rapid TB diagnostic.

Providing quality, complete and continuous treatment for 1 000 patients with MDR/XDR TB
Objective: enrolment of the patients with MDR/XDR TB in continuous, correct and correct treatment according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization
– 880 patients with MDR/XDR TB enrolled until 24.02.2017

Provision of integrated community support interventions for TB preventions in poor communities and the improvement of treatment adherence of the TB cases. Ensuring the directly observed treatment and the incentives for the TB patients treated in ambulatory, in order to increase the treatment adherence
Objective: ensuring treatment adherence for the patients with TB and MDR/XDR TB
– 2976 patients with TB and MDR/XDR TB received up to now interventions of increasing the treatment adherence
– 309 community nurses and Roma mediators trained in TB
– 10 899 persons received information regarding TB

Advertising and communication
Objective: promotion of the project results
– The visual identity of the project was developed
– Up to now, a press conference was organized
– Up to now, 9 newsletter were developed
-The brochure of the project was developed, printed and distributed
– Information about the stage of the project implementation were disseminated online
– Internet and Facebook pages of the project were developed and updated

Establishment of a basic infrastructure for the TB infection control in TB facilities and staff training
Objective: improvement of the TB infection control in the TB facilities in Romania
– 2 000 UV lamps were procured
– 1014 employees of the TB facilities (doctors, nurses, administrative staff) were trained in TB Infection Control (TBIC)